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Clarification Text on Protection and Processing of Personal Data


In accordance with GDPR and KVKK, your personal data; As the data controller, MARM ASSISTANCE DESTEK HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. (Marm Travel) within the scope of the purposes explained below; will be able to process, save, store, classify, update in accordance with the law and the rules of integrity and disclose / transfer it to third parties where permitted by the legislation and / or limited to the purpose for which they are processed.


Personal data of employees, candidate employees, intern, reference, instructor visitor, supplier authority and employee, medical escort, workplace doctor, employee relative, brand customer, customer, insured, insured relatives, brand officials and potential customers are kept within MARM ASSISTANCE. The categories of personal data received are detailed in the Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy document.

MARM ASSISTANCE processes your personal data of data owners for the purposes detailed below;

  • Conducting operational processes and reporting on data owners based on the agreements we have made with our customers who are Data Controllers,

  • Providing technical, medical, travel and operational services carried out by Marm Assistance

  • Evaluating the compliance of interns and employee candidates with the criteria sought in personnel recruitment and providing forward-looking communication

  • All of our employees' Human Resources activities can be carried out in accordance with the law, employee contracts can be created, disciplinary processes can be carried out, private health insurance provided to our employees, transportation, etc. Personal data are collected in order to fulfill fringe benefits, calculate leaves, calculate payrolls, measure and evaluate performance, perform social activities, and access them in case of emergency.

  • To be able to reach our employees and related parties on time in emergency situations, to create emergency and name badges,

  • Voice recordings are taken to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to evaluate customer complaints and requests, and to provide feedback to customers.

  • To be able to carry out orientation, information security and other training activities, to measure the effectiveness of education in external educational supports

  • Carrying out information processing activities, approving information security policies, fulfilling user requests and tracking embezzlements

  • Location information is monitored so that the vehicles owned by Marm Asisstance can be followed.

  • To be able to carry out internal and external problems in terms of law and to fulfill the demands that may come from judicial authorities

  • Personal data is presented to be presented to judicial authorities during legal problems.

  • Personal data are processed in order for Marm Assistance to ensure its corporate security.

  • The entrance information of the visitors visiting Marm Assistance is recorded in writing and security of the institution is provided by security cameras. In order to provide internet access to our visitors, identity and contact information is obtained in order to fulfill our legal obligation.

  • Medical department of Marm Assistance provides transfer, air ambulance, interpreting, hotel / accommodation, funeral, medical equipment supply, hospital and on-site medical services, local representative and medical escort arrangements etc. The ability to carry out and invoice the services in a healthy way by taking into account the principles of the "Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist Health" and the contracts made and to ensure customer satisfaction in this regard.

  • Marm Assistance's Travel department's ticket, hotel, visa, car rental, tour etc. Carrying out services in accordance with the principles of the contract made with our customer, providing travel insurance, informing the authorities, invoicing the service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Marm Assistance's Operations department's roadside assistance, vehicle shooting and rental services and hotel, accommodation, transportation, ticket, etc. services related to these services. the ability to execute and invoice services in accordance with the contract made with the Data Controller and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level

  • To be able to carry out invoicing, reporting, current detailing and payment activities regarding accounting transactions in accordance with the legislation,

  • In order to fulfill the legal requirements of Occupational Health and Safety, to communicate with relevant persons and institutions in emergency situations, to complete the training of our employees within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety, to perform periodic examinations and to create a record book, To receive occupational health and safety commitments and to submit reports to relevant institutions during audits

  • To be able to carry out and communicate uninterruptedly the activities subject to the contract with our product and service suppliers, to create work permits in cases where in-house work is required, and to carry out our purchasing activities.

  • Conducting contractual processes with our customers and ensuring communication with our customers,

  • To be able to advertise and advertise the services of Marm Assistance in organizations, events, conferences and meetings for our customers and prospective customers, and to ensure forward-looking communication,

Detailed information about the purposes of processing your personal data; You can access the Policy on Processing and Protection of Personal Data published at https://www.marmtravel.com.


Detailed information about the deletion of your personal data;   You can access the Personal Data Retention and Destruction Policy published at https://www.marmtravel.com.


Personal data belonging to our customers and employees are in line with the basic principles stipulated in KVKK and within the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of KVKK, provided that the public benefit is observed; MARM ASSISTANCE cooperates with Relevant Public Institutions, Related Brand Authorities, Call Quality Measurement Firms, Consultancy and Supplier Firms, Relevant Service and Service Providers, Relevant Insurance Companies, Auditor Institutions, Contracted Law Offices, Internal Departments and contracted banks. can be shared. In addition, personal data can be shared with public institutions and other organizations due to legal obligations, as required by the legislation.

MARM ASSISTANCE shares the visuals related to the events, meetings and organizations it organizes on social media by obtaining the express consent of the relevant persons.

Personal data within MARM ASSISTANCE can be transferred abroad provided that it is limited to the data controller customers and the contracts regarding the services it provides.


Your personal data; collected in electronic or physical environment. Your personal data can be obtained by obtaining explicit consent in the light of the principles stipulated in article 5 of the GDPR and article 4 (2) of the KVKK or in the cases specified in article 5 of the GDPR or the situations stipulated in articles 5 (2) and 6 (3) of the KVKK; Your personal data are obtained through verbal and written declaration, hand delivery, visual recording and applications (GPS, CRM, Log Management) based on the reasons stipulated in the law, legitimate interest, establishment of a right, publicization, fulfillment of the legal obligation of the data controller, performance of the contract. The methods of collecting your personal data and the details of legal reasons are detailed in the Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy document. In cases where Data Owners do not directly transfer data to MARM ASSISTANCE; Policy number, customer identity and service information can be transmitted to MARM ASSISTANCE by the relevant customers by informing the data owners of the insurance and its rear customers and obtaining their express consent.


With regard to the processing of your personal data, you can use the following rights with a request to MARM ASSISTANCE. Requests submitted within this scope will be concluded free of charge by MARM ASSISTANCE within thirty days at the latest. However, if a fee is stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Board, MARM ASSISTANCE may charge the fee in the determined tariff. In this context, as a personal data owner;

  • Learning whether your personal data is processed,

  • If your personal data has been processed, requesting information about it,

  • Learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used appropriately for their purpose,

  • To know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom your personal data has been transferred,

  • To request correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,

  • Requesting the deletion or destruction of your personal data,

  • In case your personal data is corrected, deleted or destroyed, requesting that these transactions be notified to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,

  • Object to the occurrence of a result against you by analyzing your processed data exclusively through automated systems,

  • In the event that you suffer damage due to the illegal processing of your personal data, you have the right to demand the compensation of the damage.


Within the scope of GDPR and KVKK, you can fulfill your rights regarding your personal data using the following methods;

Data Supervisor: Marm Assistance Destek Hizmetleri A.Ş.

You can make your personal data applications by filling the Personal Data Application Form document.

Lighting application methods are as follows;

By hand : Harmandere Mah. Ankara Cad. AirPort Plaza No: 486, 34912 Pendik / Istanbul

Mail : marm@hs03.kep.tr

Cargo : Harmandere Mah. Ankara Cad. AirPort Plaza No: 486, 34912 Pendik / Istanbul

In order to follow up your legal rights for 30 days without any problem, your applications sent by courier must be sent with notary certified and registered mail. Applications within this scope will be accepted following the identity verification to be made by us, and the relevant persons will be answered in writing or electronically within the legal period.